Do Your Part to Save the Planet and Win Over Customers

Yo, small biz owners! It’s time to get with the sustainability movement and show the world that you’re committed to saving the planet. But, let’s face it, it’s not just about saving the planet. Sustainable practices can also save you some green by attracting environmentally-conscious customers. Here are 5 sustainable marketing strategies that will help you make a big impact and set your small biz apart:

  1. Use Recycled Materials for Promotional Materials

Don’t be basic and use boring old paper for your flyers, biz cards, and brochures. Get creative and use recycled paper or other eco-friendly materials to show your customers that you’re committed to sustainability. Plus, it’ll give your marketing materials a cool and unique vibe.

  1. Partner with Environmentally Conscious Vendors

Don’t be a lone wolf. Partner with environmentally-conscious vendors who share your values and practices. For example, if you run a restaurant, you could hook up with a local farm that uses sustainable farming practices to source your ingredients. This not only shows your commitment to sustainability, but also supports local businesses.

  1. Use Social Media to Spread the Word About Sustainability Efforts

Listen up, social media savvy peeps. Use your platform to promote your sustainability initiatives and engage with eco-friendly customers. Create engaging content that showcases your efforts and educate your followers about the importance of sustainability. You’ll build a loyal following of customers who share your values and dig your vibe.

  1. Participate in Community Sustainability Events

Get out there and show your face, small biz owners! Participate in community sustainability events like recycling drives or host a sustainability workshop at your biz. You’ll make a positive impact on the planet and show your customers that you’re committed to making a difference.

  1. Highlight Sustainability Efforts on Your Website

Finally, don’t be shy about your sustainability efforts. Highlight your eco-friendly practices on your website and create a sustainability page that educates your customers about the importance of sustainability. You’ll build trust with eco-conscious customers and stand out from the competition.

Small businesses have the power to make a big impact on the planet by implementing sustainable marketing strategies. By using recycled materials, partnering with eco-conscious vendors, using social media, participating in community sustainability events, and highlighting sustainability efforts on your website, you can make a positive difference and win over eco-friendly customers. So, let’s get to work and make the world a better place, one small biz at a time!

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Tina Kempling, the Lean Green Team Leader at Imagine That with over 35 years of experience in the print industry, newspaper and magazine advertising.

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