Our Team

Hey there, welcome to Imagine That Graphics – the coolest and greenest design studio around! Our Lean Green Team is on a mission to bring some fun to the world of website and design services, while also helping businesses thrive in today’s crazy competitive marketplace.

We’re not your average design studio, that’s for sure. We believe in the power of excellent design and creative marketing ideas, but we also care about the planet. That’s why we’re committed to using sustainable, environmentally conscious practices in everything we do. We’re all about reducing our carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment with our designs.

But don’t let our green ways fool you – we’re also experts at what we do. We work closely with every client to understand their unique needs and tailor our services accordingly. From small businesses to large corporations, we’ve got the skills and expertise to make your branding and marketing dreams a reality.

So if you’re looking for a design team that’s dedicated to delivering quality results with a touch of fun and a whole lot of green, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s work together to make your business shine!

Here is a little bit more about our team:

Tina Kempling Lead Designer Imagine That Graphics
TINA KEMPLINGAmazingly Talented Designer & Creative Team Leader
If you’re looking for someone to chat with about your next big project, then Tina is your gal! She’s the Lean Green Team Leader at Imagine That, and boy does she know her stuff when it comes to marketing vision. With over 35 years of experience in the print industry, newspaper advertising, and magazine advertising, Tina is an industry-certified designer since 1991. She’s seen it all, folks!
But wait, there’s more! Tina isn’t just your average designer. Her understanding of advertising and marketing is top-notch, and she knows how to help companies tap into the incredible marketing power of today’s digital and print market in new and creative ways.
So, if you’re ready to take your marketing game to the next level, give Tina a shout! She’ll have you seeing dollar signs in no time.
Contact Tina at tina”at”imaginethatgraphics.ca (Note: type the @ symbol, just hidin’ from the bots!)
DAVID LETTINGAWickedly Talented Web Developer
Are you ready to meet Dave, the web design superstar? This guy has been creating beautiful designs for over 17 years, starting out by creating sick websites for some of Vancouver’s hottest bands.
But that’s not all, folks! Dave has been a WordPress Website Specialist for the past 15 years, and he’s a total pro when it comes to programming, web marketing, and site maintenance. And get this, he’s part of the Lean Green Team over at Imagine That Graphics!
But wait, there’s more! Dave isn’t just a web design whiz, he’s also a total rockstar! That’s right, he sings in a rock ‘n roll band!
So, if you’re looking for someone who can design you a website that will blow your mind AND knows how to rock out on stage, Dave is your guy. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!
Contact Dave at dave”at”imaginethatgraphics.ca (Note: type the @ symbol, just hidin’ from the bots!)
BRANDI ANDREWSWickedly Talented Web Developer & Print Specialist
Get ready to meet the ultimate design diva – Brandi! This girl is the real deal when it comes to website design and development. She graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2012 and has been slaying the design game ever since.
Brandi’s specialty is in HTML and CSS, but that’s not all! She’s also a WordPress Specialist, and she’s been working with the Adobe suite since 2008. And let’s not forget about her mad graphics skills – this girl can whip up a design that will leave you speechless!
But what really sets Brandi apart from the rest is her incredible sense of style. When it comes to creativity, this girl has it in spades! She’ll take your website from blah to boom in no time flat.
Contact Brandi at brandi”at”imaginethatgraphics.ca (Note: type the @ symbol, just hidin’ from the bots!)
JEFF KEMPLINGBindery Specialist
Get ready to meet the man, the myth, the legend – Jeff! He’s one of the unsung heroes of the Lean Green Team, and boy does he know how to finish a product! For the past 20 years, Jeff has been putting the final touches on our print projects, making sure everything is just right before it heads out the door.
But there’s more to Jeff than just his mad finishing skills. This guy is an all-around awesome dude! He’s genuine, sweet, and knows how to have a good time. Oh, and did we mention that he’s a total gearhead? That’s right, Jeff loves fast cars almost as much as he loves Star Wars! Talk about a guy who knows how to have fun.
So, if you’re looking for someone who can put the finishing touches on your print project with skill and precision AND who’s just an all-around cool dude, Jeff is your guy. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!
BELLA and BONNYOfficial Office Greeters
Are you ready to meet the cutest duo on the block? Let us introduce you to Bella and Bonny!
First up, we have Bella – the bone-biter extraordinaire and cuddle monster! This super friendly Boston-terrier pug cross is always on the go, trying to contain all that energy. She’s a real firecracker, but once she settles down, she’s the ultimate cuddle buddy.
And let’s not forget about Bonny – the cute-as-a-button Frenchton cross! This little girl is just as friendly as her sister, and she loves meeting new people. She’s the perfect addition to any cuddle session.
So, if you’re in need of some serious snuggles and want to meet the cutest pups around, come say hello to Bella and Bonny! They’re ready to be your new best friends.

Who We Are

At Imagine That Graphics we are committed to excellent design, creative marketing ideas and to sustainable, values-based business. We work hand-in hand with our clients to generate marketing and branding that sets them apart in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our team of top notch designers are not only passionate about design, but reflect Imagine That’s commitment to the community and the environment. It is our goal to “be the change we want to see in the world”.

We are committed to being a sustainable company, and continually striving to find better, greener alternatives to print and website products. Check out our Green Initiatives under About ITG.

Providing quality work on time and on budget is a core value at Imagine That. Clear communication and lots of it helps us to ensure that we get the job done!

For full details on working with us, visit Working With Our Team.

Our Crazy Skills

Web Design 95
Print Design 100
Graphic Design 100
Advertising 95

Our Mission

Imagine That Graphics' Lean Green Team Green Studio

Green & Energy-wise

Get ready to be blown away by Imagine That Graphics’ totally eco-friendly studio! We’ve got all the green bells and whistles, from low VOC paints to bamboo flooring to water-saving faucets and toilets. Oh, and did we mention our all-LED lighting? Yeah, we’re feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

And it’s not just about looks – our building is designed to be super energy-efficient, with extra insulation, lowE 0.33 U Value windows, electronic thermostats, and a heat pump. It’s no wonder we’ve earned a high EnerGuide rating of 84!

Even our office equipment is Energy-Smart certified, because we’re all about making the world a better place. And let’s be real, it makes the Imagine That Graphics’ Lean Green Team members happy.

Imagine That Graphics' Lean Green Team Green Process

Green & Safe

Here at Imagine That Graphics, we’re all about green power! We exclusively use Bullfrog Power, which comes from wind farms and low-impact hydro. And don’t even get us started on our hosting – we use green energy and carbon offsets!

We’re not just talk, either – we walk the walk. Electronic invoicing and proofing means we hardly ever use paper, and we recycle everything we possibly can. Plus, we only buy eco office products and sip on fair-trade organic coffee. Yup, even our java is green!

And as for customer data safety? We’ve got that covered too. We back up all data three times – once in our office, once offsite, and once online. So you can rest assured that your info is in good hands with the Imagine That Graphics!

Imagine That Graphics' Lean Green Team Green Products

Green & Sustainable

We don’t mess around when it comes to being green at Imagine That Graphics! All of our ‘green’ products are made with 100% post-consumer recycled papers, harvested sustainably and manufactured using green power. And that’s not all – our offset services are FSC certified and printed with vegetable-based inks, using chemistry-free or low-chemistry plates.

Plus, our digital services are on-demand, so you only buy what you need. And when it comes to delivery, we’re all-electric, baby! Our trusty Nissan Leaf gets the job done while keeping it green. So go ahead and feel good about supporting the Imagine That Graphics’ Lean Green Team – we’re making the world a better place, one print job at a time.

Community Matters

We believe that lending a helping hand by being a good neighbour, a good citizen, and a good employer is how we can make a difference in the world.

We’re not just a business, we’re a part of the community! At Imagine That Graphics, we’re all about giving back and making a positive impact.

In the global community – we support organizations like Plastic Oceans to help keep our planet clean and green.

In our business community – we’re proud members of the Chamber of Commerce and love helping new businesses get off the ground with our marketing know-how.

In our local community – we also support organizations in our community that are making a difference, like Pema Choling Women’s Education, Salt Spring Lions Club, and the Salt Spring Stingrays Swim Team. And for all you do-gooders out there, we offer a sweet 30% discount on our rates for non-profits.

In our office – we believe in creating a fun and flexible environment that lets our Lean Green Team unleash their creativity. Plus, we’ve got some seriously talented folks on staff, including our resident rockstars, The Coalition!

Imagine That Graphics' Lean Green Team Lend a Hand