Superior Design includes Strong Branding

Get ready to dominate the competition with Imagine That Graphics’ top-notch design services. We know that identity is key to a brand’s success. That’s why we help you create a strong and memorable brand that reflects your unique character, reputation, and values.

Our mission is to make sure you can answer the big questions:

    1. Who are you as a business? We help you define your identity so you can communicate it to your customers with confidence.
    2. What sets you apart from the competition? We’ll help you highlight your strengths and stand out from the pack.
    3. Do you have a killer mission statement? If not, you should! It’s the backbone of your brand and tells everyone what you’re all about.
    4. What are your core values? Knowing these is crucial for developing a successful strategy and winning over customers.
    5. Who is your ideal customer? We’ll help you create a brand that appeals to your target audience and brings in the sales.

Our designers know that you know your brand best, so we always listen to your needs and ideas. At Imagine That Graphics, we understand that a great logo and brand is the foundation of a strong identity that gives your business a competitive edge.

Don’t settle for weak branding like most small businesses! Let us help you develop a compelling and effective branding package that positions you ahead of the competition.

We cover all the branding basics, including logos, color palettes, typography, imagery, and voice and tone.

Branding Basics that we create at ITG:

  • Logos: full logos, secondary logos, and icons
  • Color palette: primary and secondary colors
  • Typography: font styles, sizes, and spacing
  • Other imagery: photos, illustrations, and artwork
  • Voice and tone: how the brand uses language and emotion

Check out our portfolio to see some of the awesome logos and branding we’ve done for other satisfied clients.:

Design Services - Strong Quality Branding

Graphic Design Pricing

Let’s hook you up with the best bang for your buck! Quality work shouldn’t break the bank, and we get that. That’s why we’ve got your back with top-notch services at a reasonable price. Because who said you can’t have it all?

Listen up, folks! At Imagine That Graphics, we’re not about inflating our egos or charging you outrageous prices. We measure our success solely by how well we help you achieve your goals. We’re talking on-time, on-budget, and exceeding your expectations. Our secret sauce? We’ve got attention to detail, lightning-fast speed, killer style, heaps of creativity, loads of experience, and some serious chemistry. And let’s not forget, we’ll hook you up with some strong quality branding to outshine your competition. All of this, and at a fair price. Now that’s what we call exceptional value.

Print Design ServicesPrice
Basic Logo – (incl. colour logo design, 1 variation, 1 alteration)@ $250
Logo Plus –  (3 variations, 2 alterations)@ $600
3-Fold Brochure – 8.5×11 (incl. 1 variation, 2 alterations)@ $200
4-Fold Brochure – 8.5×11 (incl. 1 variation, 2 alterations)@ $300
Business Cards 1 Sided – ( incl.1 variation, 2 alterations)@ $50
Business Cards 2 Sided – ( incl.1 variation, 2 alterations)@ $90
Flyers –  (one sided) (includes 1 variation, 2 alterations)@ $150

If you don’t see your project here, request a custom quote today!

Our Proofing Policies

When I accept the proof what does that mean?

When we’re getting your design ready for print, we always send you a sneak peek first. But it’s on you to give us the green light in a timely manner, ’cause you’re the captain of this ship. It’s super important to double-check everything in the proof, ’cause you’re 100% responsible for the accuracy of your artwork. We’ll usually send proofs by email, so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view ’em in PDF format. Don’t have it? No sweat, we can send proofs in JPEG format too.

Now, pay close attention here: make sure you give your proof copy a thorough once-over. If you spot any changes or corrections, let us know. And when you’re stoked with the artwork and it looks on-point in the proof, give us the thumbs up by email or by signing the printed copy. We always try to match proof colours as closely as possible, but we gotta admit, differences in monitors, software, and hardware can mess with the finished product. Just keep that in mind.

Our Proofing Policy Graphic

Yes – if you’re sending in your computer artwork, we’ve got a pro tip for ya: print out all four colour separations on a postscript laser or similar output device. That way, you can catch any separation errors and make sure everything looks just right. Oh, and be sure to set your printer driver to download all fonts as outlines – trust us, it’ll save you a headache later. Once you’ve got your separations down pat, print out a composite or colour ink jet proof (or something similar) and send ’em all our way with your job. And here’s another hot tip: use a postscript device for all proofing. We’re all about that quality, baby!

Once your job has been sent to press, we can’t make any changes to the artwork, job characteristics or turnaround time. It’s like a train – once it’s left the station, there’s no turning back. So, make sure you’ve got everything just the way you want it before you give us the green light. Trust us, we’re pretty awesome at what we do, so you won’t need to make any changes anyway!

Hey, if you gotta cancel your order, we totally understand. Life happens, right? Just shoot us an email or give us a ring ASAP so we can sort things out. But keep in mind, we gotta give the go-ahead for cancellations to be official. And if we do approve it, you’re still responsible for all the work and expenses we already put into your project. We know it’s a bummer, but that’s just how it goes.

We totally get it if you’re not 100% satisfied with your job. We want you to be absolutely thrilled with the end result, so if there are any issues, please let us know within 24 hours of receiving your job. If there are any manufacturing errors or defects, don’t worry – we’ll rerun the job on us. Just keep in mind that we get to be the judge of what constitutes a manufacturing error or defect.

So, you’re almost there! After we let you know your design is all done and dusted, you’ve got three days to check it out and give us your feedback. If we don’t hear back from you within that time, we’ll just assume you love it and it’s good to go! Then, we’ll send you the invoice and it’s all systems go for payment.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, ITG is the owner of the Copyrights of all designs. We’re the boss when it comes to copyrights, unless we say otherwise. You keep what you brought to the table – your text, pictures, logos, etc. – unless you got permission to use someone else’s stuff. But any graphics we design and photos we take belong to Imagine That Graphics until you pay us in full. Once that’s done, we’ll send you an electronic file of your job (for just 5 bucks!). We’ll hang onto your files for two years, then they get archived. If you need something from the archives, it’ll cost you 15 bucks to get it. And remember: any materials we create while working on your job are our property. But if you ask nicely, we might let you see ’em.