Project Description

The Salt Spring Conservancy is a non-profit organization focused on protecting and preserving the natural environment of Salt Spring Island. They approached ITG with the goal of creating a new logo for their upcoming outdoor festival, Art & Nature Fest. The festival would celebrate both art and nature, while also showcasing the good work that the Conservancy does to protect endangered species.

The Conservancy had a specific request for the logo to feature the red-legged frog, a species that they have been working hard to protect. They also wanted the logo to have a fun and festive feel, reflecting the spirit of the event. With this in mind, ITG worked closely with the Conservancy to design a logo that met all of their needs. The end result was a vibrant and playful logo that showcased the red-legged frog, while also incorporating elements of art and nature.

In addition to designing the festival logo, we also created a website event page for the Salt Spring Conservancy’s Art & Nature Fest. The website featured all the important information about the event, including the date, time, location, and a description of the festival.