Project Description

Brencar, a Vancouver-based supplier of bulk food bins, approached ITG for a website that would make it easy for customers to navigate the world of bulk foods. As a product with many types of solutions, the website needed to work hard to show what would work for individual retailers. Our team got to work and created a user-friendly website that showcased the variety of bulk food bin solutions offered by Brencar.

The website features a content management system that allows Brencar to easily update product information, images, and other content. It also includes an interactive client database where customers can find the products that best fit their needs. To make it easy for customers to find a store that sells Brencar’s bulk food bins, we created a comprehensive store locator that shows all the locations where the products are available. The website also has a press release blog that provides updates on new products, events, and other news related to Brencar. Finally, pop-up product descriptions and rotating client testimonials give visitors a better understanding of the quality and functionality of the bulk food bins offered by Brencar.