Project Description

Harry Manx, an acclaimed blues musician who travels the world to perform his music, approached Imagine That Graphics to help him enhance his brand through various marketing materials. With a focus on creating an identity that reflects Manx’s unique style, we developed a range of materials including posters, advertisements, and a website.

Our team worked closely with Manx to ensure that his new brand identity captured the essence of his music and reflected his personality. Through the use of bold, vibrant colours and eye-catching graphics, we were able to create materials that truly stood out and captured the attention of his audience.

One of the most significant aspects of our work was the design and development of Manx’s new website. This platform features his album art and information, tour schedule, and press articles, as well as downloadable posters to promote his concerts. By incorporating his distinctive style and personality into the website design, we were able to create a unique and memorable online presence for the musician, helping him to reach a wider audience and build his fan base.