Project Description

Sam Graci, a renowned nutrition expert and the creator of the successful Greens Plus supplement, sought the expertise of ITG for his latest project. The project involves the publication of a new book that focuses on providing valuable insights into nutrition and healthy living. As a result, ITG assisted Sam Graci with the design of the book covers and the creation of over 100 diagrams that will be featured in the book.

Our team at ITG worked closely with Sam Graci to bring his vision to life. We provided him with various cover design options that aligned with his brand image and effectively communicated the essence of his upcoming book. Additionally, we crafted over 100 diagrams that visually depicted complex nutrition concepts in a clear and concise manner, making it easier for readers to understand the material. We are excited to see Sam Graci’s book hit the shelves, and we are confident that our designs and diagrams will contribute to the success of this project.