Project Description

Vida Grains, a healthy grain supplement company, approached ITG with a clear goal in mind: complete branding that would help them get their product into retail stores and create strong brand recognition among customers.

To accomplish this, we provided Vida Grains with a wide range of branding and marketing materials. We began by designing a new logo that would clearly represent the brand and its values. We also created product labels and new packaging designs that would stand out on store shelves and catch the attention of health-conscious consumers. To help customers learn more about the product and how to use it, we designed tear-away recipe sheets to be displayed in stores, as well as in-store shelf talkers to help draw attention to the product. Additionally, we created brochures and coupons for distribution at trade shows and events, and designed posters and signs to help promote the product in-store. Finally, we built a website for Vida Grains that showcased their products, recipes, and mission, and provided a platform for customers to purchase their products online.

Ultimately they were featured on the popular television show Dragon’s Den, and the Dragons praised the branding we created and even made them an offer! ITG was thrilled to take on this project and help Vida Grains achieve their marketing goals.